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Storing Spanish Moss - keep it airy

The arch enemies of storing Spanish Moss are; moisture, lack of air circulation and heat.

Live Spanish Moss contains a certain amount of moisture which becomes trapped when closed in a container without air circulation. It is very important to open the box and fluff the contents as soon as it is received. The more exposed the moss is to normal air circulation the less likely of problems of decay. Decay typically starts in the center of the moss particularly when stored in a compressed state or closed containers. Plastic containers should be avoided.


  • Box should be stored with the top open.
  • Ideally the box should have holes in the sides to allow circulation
  • Do not store directly on the floor.
  • Box should be elevated so that air can reach all 6 sides. .. a couple 2x4's placed under the box helps.
Heat also contributes to the decaying process. Try to keep your moss in a cool place. Continue to rotate the moss from the center of the box to the top every couple of days. Use your moss as soon as possible.

Should there be evidence of decay, the the good moss should be separated from the bad as soon as possible The remaining good moss can quickly go bad if not separated.

The moss as shipped should last a very long time if these guidelines are followed. Alternatives for storing is remove from the box and spread it out to dry or store it in a mesh bag.


The more exposure to normal air circulation the better.

Store in an elevated Box with holes in the side and with the top open, or in a mesh bag

Do not store directly on the floor

Keep cool, heat contributes to the decaying process

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