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Medical Uses - and other Spanish Moss Claims

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As a Tea

It was taken, while green, and brewed into tea  for expectant mothers, supposedly to aid the flow of breast milk and make the delivery easier. Tea from the plant was also used as a folk remedy for rheumatism.

Infantile Epilepsy

It is claimed that in Mexico, it has been used to treat infantile epilepsy. In the early 1950s, it was used as an estrogen substitute and scientists have found the plant exhibits antibacterial properties.

Blood Glucose Reduction

Oral extracts of Spanish Moss, have been found in a few studies to reduce blood glucose in laboratory animals. The compound primarily responsible is called HMG, short for 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaric acid. HMG is now featured as an ingredient in a few herbal diabetic supplements.

Anti Aging Properties

A Japanese cosmetics manufacturer in 2004 that it had discovered an anti-aging property of Spanish moss.

The claim, based company's recent research, is that Spanish moss-derived extract can strengthen and protect skin capillaries. In addition, it helps inhibit the functional decline of skin cells.

The company has indicated that they have patented the findings through the discovery.

Based on the discovery, the company plans to develop a new skin care product.

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