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Spanish Moss and the Baby Squirrels

Submisson from an FSM Customer

We live in Florida on a 2 acre property. The setting is pretty rustic with lots of large grandfather oaks that must be 75 years or older. FSM SquirrelThe property has a lake to the back, or probably better described as a swamp that progresses into a lake. We built a boardwalk through the swamp, about 3 feet above the ferns, leading out to a dock on the lake. It is a great place for wild life and between the grandfather oaks and the cypress trees, there are lots of spanish moss.

Last year we had a tree company in to clear dead branches, and thin the canopy as we prepared for the summer and the possibility of hurricanes... a necessary precaution to lessen FSM
                          Squirrel in Handthe risk of toppling of the trees in high winds. There must have been 100lbs or more of spanish moss by the time they were finished and being an avid gardener and crafts person I had them set it aside for use in future projects.

Later that evening, while sorting through the pile of moss on my workbench in my garage, removing debris and dead strands, I swept the collected trash to the floor when I heard a strange thump. It certainly did not sound like twigs and debris so I took a closer look and to my horror, it was a FSM Squirrel in Handbaby squirrel. I picked him up, and searched the moss some more only to find two more babies.

I called a friend who is a vet, who took a look and said they were about 1 week old and needed fluids so he gave them subcutaneous fluids by injecting fluid under the skin and kept them in warm overnight . They were then taken tp the vet hospital the next day where one of the employees took them to a wild life rescue.

The wildlife rescue team said they were flying squirrels FSM Squirrel in Towel(we never knew there were flying squirrels in Florida). They cared for them along with another litter of baby squirrels that they already had for about a month and were subsequently released back into the wild. Unfortunately, "Crash", the one that fell to the floor and aptly named by a neighbors kid, did not make it. The vet said that he suffered internal injuries. Needless to say, I really felt guilty, but the other two did survive.


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