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What is Spanish Moss?

Spanish moss, sometimes called Grandfather's Graybeard or Florida Moss, is soft, graceful, eerie and beautiful all at the same time. A romantic symbol of the South, it is greenish silver after a rain, and grayish-silver at other times. Spanish moss can grow strands up to 20 feet long especially on Live Oak and Cypress tree branches.

As an epiphyte, an air plant that lives upon other plants, it absorbs nutrients and water from the air and rainfall. It is not a biological parasite in the same sense as some other epiphytes that sap nutrients from the tree.

How is it Shipped?

It is shipped alive and fairly tight in the box, but not so compressed that it cannot breathe. The weight listed is the weight of the moss, excluding packaging. The final shipping weight is greater. Note: Moist Spanish Moss will mold if it's not dried out before storing. As an extra precaution, best to remove it from the box and fluff it as soon as possible after delivery.

Will it Grow After Shipping?

Yes. The moss that we ship is picked fresh and will continue to grow if the conditions are right. Live Spanish Moss can be grown and kept alive with occasional misting. More on Growing Spanish Moss...

Live vs Dried

Dried Spanish Moss is a bit messy and generally used in the interiorscape trade as a top dressing for house plants. Fresh or Live Spanish Moss is soft and pliable and is most commonly used in the floral trade for adding texture to the base of fresh arrangements. More Uses...

The FSM Theory

Does Spanish Moss kill trees? We have always found it curious that while we do believe that Spanish Moss does not kill trees, the volume of Spanish Moss on a healthy oak tree does seem to be significantly more where branches are dead and a dead tree always seem to have more moss than a live one. What then is the cause and effect? The FSM Theory...

Medical Uses and other Claims about Spanish Moss

None of these claims are recommended, they are presented purely as curious and interesting datapoints. Claims...

Customer Views

...stories from our customers Spanish Moss and The Baby Squirrels

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